64 years of Raising Registered Angus Cattle
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Here at Alcorn Angus, we have defined the word change as improvement.  Our focus on improvement is our effort to continually look for and breed genetics, which will improve and stabilize a strong herd base so we can be of use to you.  We will continue to add building blocks to the already strong foundation Alcorn Angus has established during the past 61 years of working with the top Angus genetics.   Alcorn Angus is in its third generation of raising registered Angus breeding stock.
     When you join the Alcorn Angus philosophy, you tie in to this multigenerational expertise and walk away with prime breeding stock.  We have been on an extensive A.I. program for over 36 years.  We believe that we have a very strong genetic base in our cow herd.
     Our philosophy will continue to be to produce the kind of top performance cattle you have come to expect from Alcorn Angus.  We will focus on these traits:  length of body and volume for growthy, deep calves;  high maternal background for the kind of heifers you can keep in your herd;  and well-balanced structure for stylish cattle you want to show, keep on the place, or sell for top dollar.  We specialize in raising and growing two year old bulls so that they will maintain good health and conditioning.

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